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10 Kid Friendly Shopping Destinations in Downtown Eureka Springs

10 Kid Friendly Shopping Destinations in Downtown Eureka Springs

Photo by Purdy Art Co.Shopping with the littles can be fun or it can be furious! Here are 10 Shops in Downtown Eureka Springs that are sure to delight your kids and not cause you too much stress as you navigate our limestone sidewalks!

  1. Mud Street Store: This shop has an entire section devoted to children and is a must stop!
  2. Tummy Tickler’s Kitchen Store: If you have children or teens interested in cooking there is something for everyone. Cute, cool tools that you will want to see. Plus, right outside the door is the Trolley Stop with ice cream and goodies for the whole family.
  3. Two Dumb Dames: Fudge the old-fashioned way, plus bulk candy in every shape and size.
  4. KaleidoKites: The colors alone will delight the kids. Pick up a kite and have something long-lasting to remember your trip to Eureka Springs.
  5. Small World: This tiny shop has toys, baby goods and gifts for the whole family.
  6. The Magic Shop: Stop in and ask to see a trick or two, or three!
  7. Crescent Moon Beads: You can make your own necklace, bracelets or just see what cool creations their team has designed.
  8. Arnold Meteorites and More: Meet Mr. Meteorite from the Discovery Channel and explore space objects! This is the real deal!
  9. No Clothes: This one is for the teens! An accessory store that sometimes has temporary tattoos of the little ones!
  10. Romancing the Stone: Imported goodies from around the globe!

Shopping with kids is always a little tricky, but remember these three things while in Eureka Springs and you will delight your kiddo’s and keep sane in the same moment. Here were tips from locals that shop downtown all of the time with their kids.

  • Keep them hydrated and snacked up! Hungry kids can be cranky and shopping with a hungry kiddo is no fun! There are numerous places to stop along the way and pick up fun snacks! – M
  • Don’t overwhelm them with too many stores. There are over 100 shops and restaurants downtown and going into everyone can be tough on them. If you are with two adults take turns going in the shops and taking some down time at the springs and benches provided along the way. – C
  • Never bring food or drinks into the shops. They aren’t going to love that and you don’t need your kid getting frowned at! – A
  • Strollers can be tricky enough on the sidewalks, but getting them into the tiny stores is next to impossible. Park them outside and hold your kiddo’s hand. Everyone will be happier. Have a baby? Think about strapping them onto you with a backpack or snuggie. – L
  • Hands behind the back! Think of the art galleries, and there are many, as mini art museums. When kids are taught to go to major art museums they are often told to keep their hands behind their backs. They can look with their eyes, but not with their hands. There are so many beautiful pieces to see that this makes it easier for them to enjoy the art gallery experience. – H

So many great local tips and places to explore downtown with your children! Shoppers say that shopping in Eureka Springs is like stepping into a world market with sumptuous shops, delectable treats, and something for everyone. Make it part of your adventure in Downtown Eureka Springs!