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Downtown Spotlight On Crescent Moon Beads

Downtown Spotlight On Crescent Moon Beads

imageCrescent Moon Beads

69 Spring St.

Eureka Springs, Ar. 72632


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Hours: 7 days a week, 10am to 5pm. Later on Friday & Saturday nights.

Owner: Joanna Hanna

Everyone knows that in Eureka Springs you will find the best stores to shop in.image

Today I am going to take you to a great store to not only shop in but also one

where you can create a masterpiece in beads!

imageWelcome to Crescent Moon Beads where the owner Joanna Hanna will help

you pick out just the right beads for your next creation. She is often found

working on her own wonderful projects, but she is never to busy to help

all who enter into her world of beautiful beads.

When asked what brought her and the family to Eureka Springs, she said,” The quaint old-time downtown. The peace and quiet of the town along with the friendly town folk.” Before moving to Eureka Springs they lived in the Pocono Mountains. She has found life to be less hectic here. We are a pretty laid back bunch here in this beautiful Ozark town.

imageRecently Crescent Moon Beads made a bold decision. Joanna decided to move the bead shop to 69 Spring St. after being at 28 Spring St. for many years. When I went in I was in awe of the beauty that has been created in the new location. It feels like an entirely new and different store! imageI felt like it was so much easier to shop with the added space and terrific organization and displays. I even found an antique silver piece that will be the highlight of my next journal project. So much color adorns this store that it is a visual feast to the eyes. Too much fun for everyone!!! This is definitely a full service bead shop with every kind of supplies one would need to create their own special beaded artful moment.image

Classes are also available on the spot that will help you learn the way of beading something unique for yourself or maybe you have someone special that you would like to make a one of a kind bead gift for. This is a great shop to come and do just that. Also what a great way to make a memory of your time in Eureka Springs by making a special beaded necklace, bracelet or other idea of your own.image

Be sure and check out the custom-made jewelery that Joanna and her staff make. Sometimes if you are short on time you just need to be able to pick something unique out and you can certainly do that here. Don’t miss the Czech. Glass and swarovski crystal beads that will add a sparkle to any project you are working on. And last but certainly not least; as you turn to go you will be dazzled by the crescent moon window hangers that fill the window. It is then that you will notice them hanging all over the store and that no two are alike. They are spectacular !10920936_875480669163760_2270059660518954759_n

Well I hope you are putting Crescent Moon Beads on your list of must see stores. When you go by please tell Joanna that you read about her store here. And be prepared to have a great time whether you are bead shopping or creating a treasure of your own! Happy Shopping in downtown Eureka Springs !!! Until next time……