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Today I decided to share my list of fun things to do in Eureka Springs in the winter.  Yes we have some cold days, but really our winters are very average and so, so beautiful when it snows.  So far this winter it has been pretty nice temps and very enjoyable in our fair town. Things do slow down a bit , but I imagine if we are honest this is true for every small tourist destination.  Eureka Springs never sleeps , even in the winter napping season.  So let share my list of fun must do’s in my hometown.image

We all know that Eureka has the best shopping around and that we do not lack for good places to eat.  So with that being said, I will leave it to you to shop at your favorite store and eat at your favorite restaurant.  My list is a little more out of the box. The first suggestion I have is to start by learning some of the history of Eureka . You can do this by visiting the Historical Museum located on the south end of Main St. It has beautiful displays throughout it’s first and second floors. It also has the best selection of books about Eureka Springs and some of the characters that lived here.  The Cornerstone Bank, just down the street from the museum, is a free museum created by the grandson of Mr. Claude Fuller. A founding father of our town who served 2 terms as mayor and went on to become a congressman. A very nice stop to take in.image And then make sure you stop by and visit the library as it is one of the few working Carnegie Libraries in the nation.

imageCarrying on with the history tour; why don’t you come on down to the park and enjoy a stroll with the Downtown Walking Tours.  It is open each morning at 11 a.m. 7 days a week. You will enjoy story telling about Hell Raisers, Hoodlums and Heated History. A fun time I assure you !

After you are done with the history tours, it time for a snack. Pulled taffy is one of my favorites. Everyone has seen the taffy pulling machine in the window downtown that makes your mouth water with desire. It is one of several spots in town where you can satisfy your sweet tooth. image

I issue you a challenge that will help keep you in shape this winter. One of Eureka’s many nicknames is “The Stair Step Town”. So why not take in the many stairs between the levels . You will see so many interesting windows, doors and ghost signs. imageDon’t miss the mural stairs ! And while you are taking those staircases why not count the stairs. You will feel accomplished I assure you!image

After all this exercise you are in need of some TLC, right? So leave some time for a massage at one of our many fine spas. You will be relaxed and ready to enjoy an evening of fun.

So let me leave you with a few more ideas…..I highly recommend getting a cup of hot chocolate and head to the East Mountain gazebo to take in a breath-taking sunset. Romantic and beautiful. If it happens to be snowing , try sitting in Basin Park and catching a snowflake on your tongue.  You are never to old to let your inner child play.  So get out and have fun in Eureka Springs this winter. You will be glad you did!  image