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imageRomance in Eureka Springs knows no seasons, it is in bloom all year round.  February is the month of love, right? So today I thought I would make a few suggestions for a love filled day in our fair town. With these lovely winter temps that we are having , getting out and making a day of it presents no problem.  Eureka Springs has long been a town where lovers come to relax and enjoy some down time. Who doesn’t like to come to Eureka?  So let’s build a bucket-list day of love!

Let’s start at the beginning of your day with breakfast at Mud Street Cafe located at Spring St. and Main.image This well-loved cafe serves a delicious breakfast , brunch and lunch. The decor is stepping back in time making this spot cozy . If you don’t do more than a muffin and coffee , you will be glad you stopped in. And it is part of Eureka’s famous underground!  After your special breakfast walk down Main St.  to the mural stairs and take a selfie on our now famous artsy stairway.  There is usually someone around who will be glad to take your picture for you  so you can include the entire painting!  This is such a beautiful addition to our downtown area.  Climb those stairs and you are up on Spring St.

So many shops just waiting for you to indulge in their speciality items.  I would suggest that maybe you stop by imageThe Art of Romance at the corner of Spring St. and think about some new lingerie for  you and your significant other.  What a fine selection you will find in this tastefully decorated shop of romance.  There is something for everyone .  You will smile that knowing smile at each other for the rest of the day.

Since it is always a beautiful day in Eureka, I suggest having a picnic lunch at one of our beautiful springs.  Pack it yourself or have one of our eateries pack it for you.  Enjoy the sunshine and the company of one another.  When you finish it is time to go to that already schedule massage at Spa 1905 Aveda locate in the Basin imagePark Hotel. Nothing speaks romance and relaxation like a good massage.  There are a variety of spas around town. One to fit your needs , so check them out.  Once you are all relaxed stroll  back up Spring St.  We have two stops to make. The first is to take care of your need for chocolate at Sweets Fudge Kitchen. This is a great place to partake in whatever guilty pleasure is your favorite.  I would share with you what my favorite treat is , but that would take all the fun out of your imageadventure!  Chocolate in hand, mosey up and around the corner to Magee Jewelery.  The selection of handcrafted rings for both sexes make a new family heirloom that will be coveted by all who see your gift to each other. The filigree work created by Jim or Emily is one of a kind.  They have perfected their craft and their design is known all over NWA.  Go by and take a look. You will more than likely leave with a new ring on your finger.

You still have a little time to shop before dinner. Check out our many galleries filled with local artists. The Birdcage located on Basin Spring Ave. across from Basin Park is one of Eureka’s newest galleries. It just made the list for Top Ten galleries in NWA.  How about that! So of course you want to go by and see if there is a new piece of local art that needs to go home with you. Art is a great souvenir that reminds you of your great time in Eureka. 20150815-134935-49775525.jpg Dinner time is upon us. No time to slack up on the romance of the day.  You have booked your reservation at the Grand Tavern located in The Grand Central Hotel, right?image Fine dining at it’s best in the oldest hotel in town. The food is delicious and don’t forget the desert.   To close out your lovely day together, hold hands and take a stroll through town by street light.  It truly is my favorite romantic thing to do in downtown Eureka. Enjoy the dim lights and architecture for a bit and then…………………yep time to model that new lingerie!    Until next time! And as always……………Have fun In Eureka !!!!image