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Parkside Pretzel Companyimage

8 Spring Street

Eureka Springs, Ar. 72632



Hours: 10:30am-5:30 pm Sunday – Thursday, 10am-7pm Friday & Saturday

Owner: Jim B Jordan


Ahhhh, spring has blossomed in Eureka Springs spreading sweet savours from the flowering trees and early flowers. As you walk through the beautiful Basin Park enjoying the music , the festivities and the green of mother nature a new enticing aroma will begin to tickle your nose.  Welcome to the spotlight Parkside Pretzel Company located on the north side of Basin Park.  A welcome addition to downtown Eureka, offering a wonderful snack bar to the mix of eateries here in town.image

As I always do, I asked Jim what brought him to Eureka Springs……. His answer was a 1999 Ford Edge !!!!! I love a man with a sense of humor. But really what brought him here was escaping the rat race of the big city life. He longed for a more peaceful environment and a small town to call home. He is also the owner of The Ladybug Emporium located on Main St.   Eureka Springs has been home for him for many years.

imageParkside Pretzel Company is a locally owned and operated pretzel snack shop . Your nose will let you know that you have found the right corner of Basin Park and then you are treated to a free sample of those mouth watering pretzels.  There is an art to a good pretzel! Jim and his staff create fresh rolled pretzels daily.  They are delicious. You will find the usual dips such as mustard, cinnamon and sugar, cheddar cheese, caramel and ranch along with a few others to jazz up your snack.

Besides pretzels you will be delighted to know that a small and affordable lunch menu is offered.  How about a foot long pretzel dog? Plain or with chili & cheese if you like.  There will be a specialty pretzel that changes weekly.  A ham and cheese pretzel sandwich , pizza pretzel  sandwich, Nachos , Frito pie or Nathans all beef pretzel dog are all on the menu. image

When you are ready for dessert or want to stop by for an afternoon snack, a great menu is ready for you to pick from. Slush puppie frozen drinks are waiting for you and should spark plenty of childhood memories. It does for me anyway.  Old fashion hand spun Milkshakes in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and caramel are a temptation to  your taste buds.  If a milkshake is too rich, you can have ice cream by the cup or in a cone.  Dream freeze shakes sound like a great summer time cool down drink.  As the temps began to rise I know a hot seller is going to be the fresh squeezed lemon freeze or be bold and have the strawberry lemon freeze!  To round it out there are assorted novelty ice cream bars and soft drinks.  image

So I know that I have your attention now!!!! Go by and try a free sample and then indulge your desires in one of the many treats on the menu. Now so conveniently located in the heart of downtown!  If you are a business owner you will be glad to know that they will deliver with a minimum $6.00 order . Super nice if you are too busy to leave your store.  We wish you much success Parkside Pretzels! Thank you for opening a delightful snack shop to bring fulfillment to our snacking desires whether we are working or shopping or just having fun. I know you will be a huge hit with the locals and visitors alike!imageimage