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imageWelcome to Eureka Springs where we love our dogs. We are the dog friendliest town around . It is not hard to notice as you are walking and shopping as you will notice water dishes placed outside the stores so that your furry friend never goes without a drink. One of those shops is Blackies Backyard. This store is dedicated to your family pet whether of the feline or canine persuasion. There is anything an imageanimal could dream of wanting . Clothing, beds, toys and specialty treats.  You don’t want to miss taking your pet for a visit and of course show them the love by buying them a gift to pamper them.  Another store to visit is Gourmet Eureka on Center ST. A doggy treat awaits your pet there and a friendly smile. While you shop the delicious selection of goodies, your pet will be happily crunching a treat. Perfect, right ?!image


Lodging in downtown Eureka is always easy as well. The Basin Park Hotel imagelocated in the heart of downtown always has a room waiting for you and your pet. Step back in time and enjoy the ease of being right in the center of history . Another hotel  who welcomes pets is The Grand Central Hotel down on Main St.  Grayson is the resident pup there and he is waiting to greet your furry family member as soon as you walk in the door with his tail wagging in imagedelight.  A sure winner in dog friendly lodging. There are many B&B’ s in town that will accommodate you while you visit our fine town as well.

Now that you have a place to stay and a couple of stores to visit, it is time for a little outdoor activity. Down on the north end of Spring St. You will find the Bark Park. It is located in Harmon Park . There is a park for large dogs and a imagesecond one for the smaller dogs. It is a favorite gathering place for locals and visitors alike. This park was put in place by a wonderful group of dog lovers just like you for the benefit of all who want to safely relax with other like-minded people. I do hope you will go by for a visit.  Another awesome place to visit with your dog is Leatherwood City Park. This is the second largest city park in America. It is located 4 miles west on Highway 62, but is in the city limits ! 1600 acres of well maintained trails are there for you both to roam. If you like to canoe or kayak with your pup, you can do that there as well.  You can spend an hour there or spend an entire day enjoying the great outdoors. Try camping there as well. A wonderful safe environment to spend quality time under the stars . image

Last but not least take a walk along Spring St. together and explore the many springs along the way. It is a beautiful walk through history as you take in the beautiful flower gardens that adorn the springs and in between them you can imageenjoy the architecture of the Victorian homes. Be sure and take your camera so that you can create a memory of your day in Eureka Springs shared with you furry family member.

Basin Park is always there to bring entertainment and relaxation to you both. Sit and people and pup watch . It is festive and fun. There is never a stranger there, only new friends to be made for you and your dog. So I invite you to come visit our wonderful dog friendly town.   You will have a doggone good time !!!! image















is The Grand Central Hotel