What the Local's Love with Jayme Brandt


"I love that everyone matters and anything is possible in Eureka Springs", Jayme Brandt

When did you move here, Jayme? And what groups are you active in? We moved here in 2000 and we have a few business interests including Tee Rex Toys, Night Owl lodging in Downtown Eureka Springs and I'm a partner in the Shuttle Bug. I also have a new gallery that I'm a partner with in Bentonville, Kinship.

Where is your favorite place to eat downtown? Local Flavor is my go to. It's consistently good for lunch or dinner and has a great vibe. The people are really wonderful who work there and Connie and Britt, the owners, are such a great part of the community.

Where is your favorite place to shop downtown? I'm partial, but my favorite shop really is Tee Rex. I love vintage toys and comic culture and Tee Rex brings all of that together. We sell original art, new toys and apparel, too. It's just a cool place to be.

What is your favorite thing to do in Downtown Eureka Springs? My kids and I like to follow all the strange winding roads, paths, trails and staircases. You never know where you're going to end up and it's like an adventure every time we head out.

If you could make Downtown more awesome what would you do? I'd continue to create the party vibe at night in the shops and in the streets. People come to Eureka Springs to have a great time, experience something new - I want them to be able to do that after 6PM.

What three words describe Downtown Eureka Springs to you? Creative, Quirky, Authentic - it really is like no other place.

Jacqueline Wolven