What the Local's Love with Ken Riley

Ken Riley's motto is "I love my little town" and he shares that with everyone he meets. As a realtor at Century 21 Real Estate he gets to meet many folks who want to make Eureka Springs their home.

When did you move here, Ken? And what groups are you active in? We moved here in 2005 and I started the Fall Bulb Planter's group to add Century 21 Gold daffodils throughout the area, I'm part of the Main Street Eureka Springs Board and the Carroll County Board of Realtors.


Where is your favorite place to eat downtown? Hands down, Local Flavor. Owner, Britt Evans has created a lovely restaurant that is always wonderful. That kind of consistency is easy to love and there isn't a thing on the menu I don't enjoy... maybe a little too much.


Where is your favorite place to shop downtown? Nelson's because I can find something for myself in their Man Cave, gifts for friends and family and it's just a nice atmosphere.


What is your favorite thing to do in Downtown Eureka Springs? People watch in Basin Spring Park. It doesn't really get better than that. You see all kinds of people and it's just fun anytime of day or night.


If you could make Downtown more awesome what would you do? I'd make parking more accessible and easier to navigate. I know everyone is working on this and I salute every solution!


What three words describe Downtown Eureka Springs to you? Architecture, Art, foodandfun. Ok. I cheated on that last one. I can't help it. I just love my little town.

Jacqueline Wolven
Cruise Through Downtown Eureka Springs

Northwest Arkansas is fast becoming the biking destination of America. What Arkansas has that Colorado and even Utah are missing is year round biking. Our rough and rowdy trail rides wind through our mountain town. They are lovingly maintained by volunteers of the OORC because they love to ride. In fact, you can reach out to them and they will give you a guided trail ride. 

If you aren't ready to ride down our hearty hills you can join the Cruiser Nights once month and ride through Downtown Eureka Springs. This social ride takes you to two stops to refresh yourself and winds throughout the whole downtown.

Locals, visitors and friends gather to be part of this low key ride with the beautiful backdrop of Downtown Eureka Springs. Keep up with them on their Facebook page and join them on their next rid through town.